Copy of D-Day

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World War II

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Copy of  D-Day

São Vicente, in the coast of São Paulo, was the first city founded in Brazil, on January 1532.On 1554, jesuits on a mission to convert the indians walked up the Serra do Mar and founded a college, which would become the city of São Paulo. The jesuits were followed by another group which also had interest on indians: the bandeirantes, who chased indians to be slaved in the cane plantations.

In the Estate of São Paulo, there are many locals of leisure, to rest, appreciate the landscape, and to have fan. One of the favorite places by the population are the parks, mainly the I irapuera park and the park of "idependence". São Paulo has stunning beaches, that the visitor can enjoy nature. One of the most famous beaches is Santos, because of its importance to the economy of Brazil. There is too the "Autródomo de Interlagos", that is racetracks where occurs the race of F1. The teenager can have fun in many ballads that São Paulo have.


Spectacular São Paulo has a lots of cultural places that will fascinate the visitor. In the capital, there is the "São Paulo Fashion Week", the most importante event of fashion in Brazil. The MASP, located in "Avenida Paulista", is a institute that shows world of art of famous artists, like Picasso. In the "Memorial da América Latina" the visitor can amuse and learn more about the history of this part of America. And one of the most beautiful points tour in the Estate is "Catedral da Sé", it is one of the five largest neo-Gothic temples in the world.

São Paulo




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