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Chemical Elements

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Atomic Number:29Atomic Mass:63.546Melting Point: 1083.0 Celsius Boiling Point: 2567.0 Celsius Number of Protons/Electrons: 29Number of Neutrons: 35Classification: transition metal Color: reddish-brown

COPPER Symbol: Cu

Origin of name:From Latin word cyprium after the island of Cyprus Discovery of element:Known to ancients otherwise discovered in antiquity

CHEMICAL PROPERTIES Chemical Formula-CuToxicity-Poisonous in large amountsReactivity with water- no reactionCorrosion-Corrodes when exposed to airOxidation-Readily combines w/ water and carbon dioxide producing hydrated copper carbonate

PHYSICAL PROPERTIESColor -Reddish-Brown metalMalleability-Capable of being shaped or bentDuctility-Easily pulled or stretched into a thin wireLuster-Has a shine or glowConductivity-Excellent transmission of heat or electricity

Common compounds:Copper Acetoarsenite- (Cu)3As2O3Cu(C2H2)2 Copper Arsenate- CuHAsO3 Copper Carbonate-CuCO3.Cu(OH)2 Copper Chlorate- Cu(ClO3)2.6H2O Copper chloride-CuCl2 Copper fume (as Cu)-CuO/Cu Copper Metal Powder- Cu Copper Nitrate-Cu(NO3)2.3H2O Copper sulfate-CuSO4 Copper Sulfide- CuS Copper Trihydroxy Nitrate-H6Cu4N2O12 Copper(II) chloride hydroxide-Cu2Cl(OH)3 Cupric Oxide-CuOUses:Water pipesSaucepan baseElectronic cablesBronze Age arrowheadsCoins


Atomic Structure


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