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Chemical Elements

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Native And Man Made Copper

History of Copper

Fun Fact!

Copper was not at all in pennies of 1943, exept for a few that are worth millions for their rarity, but their wasn't a full copper penny that year because the copper was used for shell casings for ammo that was essential in WWll.

Atomic Number: 29Reaction to water: None Color: reddish- gold Streak: Copper StreakLuster: MetallicHardness: 3.5 on Moh'sCleavage: NoneGreat conductor of heat and elecricityIt is a Transition MetalStatue of Liberty

Copper has a long history in mankind; it goes all of the way back ten thousand years, in Northern Iraq. It was found in an excavation and is identified as a bead that was found naturally occuring in the area at that time period. Copper has been anciently used in very useful ways, such as using it to create bells, coins, cutlery, and tools. Copper was also used much and conserved during 1943, because of WWll, for usage of shell casings.

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