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Chemical Elements

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PropertiesCopper by itself is easy to shape but it can be too soft to be used for tools.When mixewd with other metals, the results are much harder trhan copper itself. Ex: Copper mixed with zinc makes brass.Copper mixed with tin makes bronze.It is one of the only elements with an alchemical symbol. (in prehistoric times alchemy was used to try and make metals like copper into gold).Copper is commonly found in nature.

PhasesSolid- CopperDensity: 8920 kgm-3Magnetism: DiamagneticConductivity: ConductorGasIt is not found in nature as a gas. But it can vaporize and become a gas.Liquid It is not found in nature as a liquid but can melt into a liquid.

DiscoveryIt was discovered in prehsitoric times around 9000 BC. I was found in modern days Iraq. It's exact date of discovery and dicoverer are both unknown. The mothods for refining copper were discovered around 5000 BC, and 1000 years later it got used in potter un North Africa. FOr nearly 5,000 years, copper was the only metal known to man, it has an infinite recycleable lifePeriodic TableAtomic Number: 29Atomic Name: CUAtomic Mass: 63.546Melting Point: 1,085ºcMolar mass: 63.546g/moleMetalBoiling Point: 2927ºcDensity of solid: 8920kgm-3

Uses-Coins (US nickel)-Jewerly-Horse bits-Atomobile radiators-Fire sprinklers-Wires

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