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Chemical Elements

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Uses:Copper is commonly used to make electrical conductors (ex: wires), jewelry, coins, and plumbing (ex: pipes). Also, because it corrodes slowly, copper is used in roofing, guttering, and rainspouts on buildings.

HistoryCopper was discovered about 10,000 years ago--it was the first metal to be used by humans because it is found naturally as a pure element in its free metallic state. Neolithic people used copper as a substitute for stone around 8000bc. Humans then discovered it could be alloyed with other metals to make it even more useful. For example, in 3500bc, humans first alloyed it with tin to produce bronze.

Copper exposed to air turns a dull brown color(tarnished)

Copper exposed to air and waterturns a green/turquoise color (corrosion)

Description:Copper is a reddish orange metal with a bright metallic luster. At room temperature, it is a solid but soft metal that is malleable (ex: can be rolled flat into sheets), ductile (ex: can be stretched into wire), and an excellent conductor of both heat and electricity.

Did you know...Copper is found in human liver and brain tissues

Copper's melting point:1084.62 degrees celsius1984.32 degrees farenheit

Psst...Copper alloyed with tin --> BronzeCopper alloyed with zinc --> Brass


Copper is found all over the world. The Keweenaw Peninsula near Lake Superior in Michigan is one of the most likely places in the world to find native copper.

Only silver has a higher electrical conductivity than copper


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