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Copper Sun2

ClayThe spoiled son of Mr. Derby. He "recieves" a female slave, Amari, for his 16th birthday.

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ThemesThemesHope v. HopelessnessGaining inner strength from tragedy

Sharon Draperis a professional educator and writer. She has been awarded Ohio Teacher of the Year, National Teacher of the Year, and New York Times bestselling author.In her own words: I love to write; words flow easily from my fingertips, and my heart beats rapidly with excitement as an idea becomes a reality on the paper in front of me. I smile often, laugh easily, and I weep at pain and cruelty.

PollyAn indentured servant who befriends Amari.

Young Amari is stolen from her homeland after her village is decimated by pale-skinned visitors. Put on a ship to a strange land, she is sold and bought like an animal. Stripped of everything she had ever known, she is left to pick up the pieces in a foreign land. She and an unlikely friend, an indentured servant, begin a treacherous journey in search of freedom.

AmariA young girl stolen from her village and made a slave. Attempts to find her freedom in this strange new place.


Key Characters

Mr. and Mrs. DerbyHusband and wife who own the plantation that Amari is taken to.

Captain MenendezLeader of the Fort Mose in St. Augustine. A place of significance for Amari and Polly.

Teenie An older female slave charged with helping Amari and Polly become acquainted with the ways of the plantation.

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Copper Sun

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