Coping with the grief of pet loss

by petciel
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Coping with the grief of pet loss

It is only natural to grieve or feel sorrow when you face the actuality of death. A pet's or a relative's death is something that one can not really do much to overcome in a short period. The only thing that will eventually heal one's pain is time. However, there are some benefiting attitudes:Do not care about other's (negative) opinions on the matter, and by no means let them affect you. People might tell you that the way you feel is immature and that you have to "just get over with it". Embrace your sorrow or any other feeling you might have. Be angry, cry, not cry, laugh... Do anything you feel like. And embrace it.Try to connect with other people who have lost their animals. Reach others on forums, hotlines and support groups. If your friends and family members are not supportive, find someone who is. Most of the time, a person who has also experienced pet loss themselves will be understanding and helpful.Perform a funeral. Funerals are rituals that can aid in lifting the dark cloud of sorrow. As with the funerals of people, pet funerals is a social event that can heal the psychological pain of loss. Do not pay any attention to people who say that "such things are inappropriate / pointless". They actually aren't.Build a legacy. Preparing a pet memorial, planting a tree in your pet's memory, compiling a photo album or scrapbook, or otherwise sharing your pet's memories, can create a legacy to celebrate your pet's life. Remembering your pet's fun and love can help you move on eventually. Take care of yourself. The stress of losing a pet can deplete your energy and emotional reserves quickly. Looking after your emotional and physical needs will help you overcome this difficult time. Spend time face to face, eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of sleep, and exercising regularly to release endorphins will help boost your mood.

Coping with pet loss



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