Coping Skills Toolbox

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Coping Skills Toolbox

1. Put self-soothing tools that appeal to all 5 senses in the box-Touch (Stuffed animal, stress ball), Audio (music, CD, meditation guide), Sight (pictures of family, friends, landscape, cards), Taster (mints, hard candy), Smell (lotion, candles, perfume)2. Put tools in the box that will serve as a DISTRACTION from the problem-Puzzles, Artwork/Crafts, Book, Crossword/Word Search, Positive Movie3. Put tools in the box that are OPPOSITE of the impulse action/thoughts-Affirmations and Inspirations (looking at positive/motivating quotes or drawings), Funny and Cheerful (A funny movie, picture, joke)4. Put tools that will help child become aware of their emotions(tools for identifying and expressing your feelings)-A list or chart of emotions, A journal, Writing/Art Supplies5. Put tools in the box that will help the child center and ground themselves in the present moment (mindfulness) -Meditation/Relaxation recordings, Grounding Objects (Rocks, paper weight), Breathing Exercises6. Put a crisis plan in the box-List and Phone Numbers (family, friends, therapist, psychiatrist, hotline, crisis team, 911)


Joann O'Connor, Julia Knisely, Hillarie Loretta, Samuel Elwood, Serena Degraff, and Stephanie Snyder

What is a Coping Skills Box?

A place to keep things to calm you down in periods of distress, if you have everything in one place, it’s easier to remember to use your coping skills, rather than usingnegative behaviors.


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