Coors Kidnapping Case Project

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Coors Kidnapping Case Project

The Coors murder case, one of the most tragic events in our history, as well as to the family that lost their son. The heir to the fortune's clothes were found seven months after his abduction date. The ransom that was placed was no more due to the fact no evidence was shown that Adolph Coors was still alive. What caught he killer, the evidence that was placed to catch and aprehand the suspect was soil. Aparrently, that was all they needed .


Coors Kidnapping Case ProjectBy: malcolm green

People vs Corbett

That jury would hear about Corbett's life as Walter Osborne, about the leg irons and handcuffs and guns, about the sightings of that yellow Mercury in the foothills south of Morrison, near the Coors ranch. That jury would deliberate for two days and take 12 ballots before convicting Corbett of first-degree murder.

The evidence that was used to find and catch the killer was nothing more than soil from the ground below. The soil was compared to another 421 other samples of soil from the areas in Colorado alone. The geological description and the sequence of the dirt layers were the main key evidence in literally reconstructing the crime and convicting Joe Corbett.


The grandson of Adolph Coors and heir to the Coors beer empire who graduated from Cornell University

Joe Corbett

Adolph Coors III

A Fulbright scholar at the University of Oregon, was headed to medical school when, in 1951, he got into an altercation with an Air Force sergeant. During the fight, he shot the man and ended up pleading guilty to second-degree murder. He was sent to San Quentin Prison for several years before being transferred to a minimum-security facility, where he easily escaped and began living under an alias, Walter Osborne.


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