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Coop G. Dowg

Touching Sprit BearBy: Ben Mikaelson

Ben Mikaelson was born and raised in Bolivia. When he was little he LOVED the wilderness and he wanted to live in the woods.His parents didnt encourage him much but he still became an author. He has won many awards including the International Reading Association award and the Western Writer's Golden award. He now lives in Montana with a 750 pound black bear.

Cole has been a terrible and pitiful perosn before he went to a isolated Alaskan island. He beat somebody's head into pavement for ratting on him. After he gets mauled by a white spirit bear he controls his anger and learns to forgive.

Coles dad beats cole. His dad did it to him so he doesnt know any better. He drinks alot and gets Cole out of trouble with his money.

Coles mom is caring after he id on the island. But before she just didnt do anything about Cole's dad beating him. She drinks alot and she cares alot about how she looks. She wanted a normal family but Cole messed it up.

One theme that i think is important in this story is friendship. Cole was bad and hated everyone and hurt people. But after he learned that he was wrong he and the person he hurt became best friends. Peter who thought bad about himself became friends with Cole.

Onomatopoeia- The otters tail was slapping with a loud whack.Personification- Coles sleep was troubledSimile- He stared forward with a steely patients, like a wolf waiting


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