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I was inspired to think about the tools of 2009 by Larry Ferlazzo's list of Web 2.0 tools for education in 2009.

Cool Tools of 2009

Presented by Kevin Hodgson

ToonDoo Spaces





What is it? Glogster is a virtual poster where you can embed writing, images, video, audio and hyperlinks.What are possibilities for the classroom? Students could use the platform for book reports, or to supplement research projects.Benefits: Free. Teacher can easily set up student accounts.

What is it? Myna is part of the Aviary suite of tools and is an online music/podcasting platform (similar to Garageband).What are the possibilities for the classroom? Students could create podcasts, songs and other audio, and thn share the mp3 files or embed the audio.Benefits: Free, simple to use.

What is it? A closed social networking system with webcomics at the center of student work.What are the possibilities for the classroom? Students can create comics around content area learning, remix media and interact with each other.Benefits: Closed network (but not free!) and variety of methods for composition.

What about you? What tools did you discover in 2009? Come join me on my Wallwisher site and leave a link and an idea for us to share.-- Kevin

What is it? Wallwisher is a virtual bulletin board that allows users to easily add content or brainstorm on an idea.What are the possibilities for the classroom? The site could be used for individual or group brainstorming.Benefits: Free. A user does not need to log on to post ideas.

What is it? Prezi is an alternative to powerpoint. Instead of slides, it moves through paths on a giant canvas.What are the possibilities for the classroom? Students could use it for presentation or for creating stories and poetry along "path."Benefits: Free. Can upload video content. Can download as flash file for non-Net viewing.

Apps I could have added:* DomoAnimate* Pic Lits* Nings* Vocaroo* Twitter* Xtranormal video


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