Cooling Cans

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Cooling Cans


Cooling Cans


Independent Variable- the methods for cooling the sodaDependent Variable- temperature Controls- cans of Coca-Cola 1. Begin by getting 3 cans of room temperature Coca-Cola (80°) 2. Open each can and apply plastic wrap over the top 3. Next, fill an empty cooler with salt and ice and place one of the cans in it 4. Then, dampen a paper towel and wrap it around one of the cans and place it in the freezer. 5. Put one can in the refrigerator 6. After every 10 min for 1 hour, peel off the plastic wrap and place the thermometer inside 7. Record the temperature into a data table and place the plastic wrap back onto the top of the can 8. Repeat steps 1-9 2 more times to make 3 total trials 9. Determine which method works best for cooling a can of soda by looking at the data table

Fridge- Depending on the starting temperature, to cool drinks in the fridge, it takes anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Freezer- You may wrap a wet paper towel around the cans and put them in the freezer. It doesn't take as long as putting it in the fridge, it only takes around 20 minutes. The physics of the wet paper towel works the same way when perspiration cools you down: evaporation attracts the heat away from your skin — or away from the drinks. Salt & ice- Putting salt in the ice water can chill your drinks even faster. Salt water has a lower freezing point than fresh water and adding salt to a bowl of ice water actually decreases the temperature of the water.

The salt and ice method will cool a can of Coca-Cola the fastest. I think the salt and ice will be the fastest method because salt water has a lower freezing point than fresh water and adding salt to a bowl of ice water actually decreases the temperature of the water.

• 9 cans of Coca-Cola • Refrigerator • Room temperature cooler • salt and ice • Freezer • Damp paper towel

My hypothesis was correct because the salt & ice method worked the best. This method made the soda 40° cooler in just ten minutes, while the other methods were only 10° and 20° cooler after ten minutes. The refrigerator method averaged 66.8° after an hour, the damp paper towel wrapped around the can and put in the freezer method averaged 54.7° after an hour, and the salt and ice method averaged 37.4° after an hour. My results were valid because all three trials ended up with numbers that were close to the same, and the results matched my research. If I were to do this experiment again, I would test the can in the freezer without a damp paper towel around it and one with a damp paper towel around it again to see the difference between the results.By: Demi Collins

Which method is the fastest to cool a can of soda?






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