Cool Wolves

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Cool Wolves

BabiesThe wolf's babies are born alive. Mothers have babies which are named pups. In 60 days, the mother wolf is ready to have her cute pups. POP! POP! One by one they come. Then they are here, and they are soo CUTE!!! A mother wolf can have many babies. But they are not pets! When a wolf mother sees her baby stuck in something, she runs to her baby and tries to help the pup out.

Predators A wolf is a master at attacking. A wolf eats meat. They eat elk, moose, deer, and caribou. Do not expect a wolf to have manners. YYYYYUUMM! The wolf is a carnivore because it only eats meat and not plants.

Cool FactsWolves are so cool. They hunt in a packs. They can run all day because they are so good at running. Their brother is the German Shepherd.A wolf weigh up to 25 to 75.

Habitat The wolf is a manmal. They live in forests and mountains. In their habitat, they have food, water and space to live. You can even find a wolf in your wild zoo.

Cool Wolves


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