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Cool Tech Tools

Google-A-Day is a free online website in which a new search challenge is presented each day. The site teaches people HOW to search effectively and efficiently with Google Tips and Tricks (Google Hacking). Great tool...and fun!

Wikipedia: Book Creator is a little link on the left-hand tool bar of the Wikipedia site. This tool allows you to collect as many Wikipedia pages together as you want under a topic and create a book. This book even has a table of contents and sources cited. You can assign this book as an open source textbook or a study tool! Students can create books as well. I created a QUICK example and it is attached to this Glog. Click the paperclip in the upper right-hand corner to see what Book Creator does...AMAZING TOOL.

Cool Tech-Tools(Mollie Bounds)

#4 Evernote Skitch

Evernote Skitch is a app that you can import photos into but then annotate on top of them. I like this app in conjunction with Diptic above to create How-To's or any kind of presentation you can think of!

#5 Diptic

Diptic is a photography app that lets you create a collage of photos from over 52 layouts. I like this app in conjuntion with Evernote Skitch because you can create photo stories, instructions, or presentations in a very visual way.

#1 Glogster

Glogster is a virtual cork board app and online program in which you can display a collective of items around a central topic. You can incorporate video, links, type, and images. It does have a 7 day free trial but after that it has a yearly fee of $35 for the classroom.

#2 Google-A-Day

#6 Wikipedia: Book Creator

#7 Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is an app in which you can create polls on the spot and survey a crowd for instant results. The crowd or class can use their phones or any digital media source that has access to the internet to vote.

#8 Pages (on iPad)

I know this is a common app...but I saw a really neat way to help a struggling (OT/PT and Dyslexia) writer with it. The student dictates verbally into pages. Once they see it written down they handwrite out their own words onto paper. See the video to the right for an inspiring example.

#9 Smore

#3 Explain Everything

Explain Everything is a free app that creates pre-recorded presentations...using pretty much everything you can think the video to the right to see just how awesome it is!!

#10 iMindMap

Smore is an incredibly EASY and FREE website. Studetns can use it to show what they know and teachers can use it for newsletters, centers, and in many other ways. It was so effortless...see my (fake) example by clicking on the link above.

iMindMap is a free app that you can download to a tablet or a computer to create mind maps. This one is connected to Tony Buzan who is the creator of mind maps and composes the maps using his philosophy of how these maps should flow. You can share them digitally and add notes, links, and files to the map. It also provides a pre-mapping organizational tool to help you that can transform into a map.


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