Cook's Robber Frog :)

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Cook's Robber Frog :)

Cook's Robber Frog :)

The Cook's Robber frog is from the amphibian group.

The Cook’s Robber frog is endangered due to deforestation, agricultural, rural, and industrial development.

The Cook’s Robber frog habitat are in caves formed by rocks in between two stones.

These frogs are unordinary because they skip the tadpole stage and are hatched directly as frogs.

They are sometimes called “The Demon Of Puerto Rico” because their scream or screech scares away predators, or people.

Increase Robber Frog's Survival: : : * Prevent Deforestation *Make Tree Nurseries and Plant tons of trees * Plant more gardens*Clean land that isn't used and make frog habitats*Use things you have or recycle them

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