Contribution of Influential Scientist

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Scientific Biographies

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Contribution of Influential Scientist

Contribution in Astronomy

Contribution of Influential Scientist in Engineering Technology towards Modern Civilization

Chosen Technologist

Comparing the eclipse of 24 May 997 at to different cities, he managed to calculate the difference in longitude between the cities

-Father of Arabic Pharmacy.-Kitab al-Saidana (Materia Medica).-Investigation of "Siamese" twins.

-Wrote about his travels through India in his well-known book Kitab-al-Hind which gives a graphic account of the sub-continent.-Wrote several treatises devoted to certain aspects of Indian astronomy and mathematics which were of particular interest to him.-Translated two Sanskrit books into arabic; Sakaya and Patanjal.

-Famous book Qanun-i Masoodi (astronomy, trigonometry and etc).-Studies in hydrostatic, specific weight and density.

Contribution in Social and Literature

Contribution in Mathematics and Physics

-Develop a method for trisection of angle.-Describing his own Cartography of a hemisphere onto a plane.-Introduced the usage of triangulation.

Contribution in Medical

Contribution in Geography

Abu Raihan Muhammad Al-Biruni


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