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How does it cause immobility?Muscles shorten when a person endures long periods of not moving. Infreguent use causes the muscles to become rigid or fixed. This may begin within 8 hours of inactivity.

What is it?A stiffness or constriction in your muscles, joints, tendons or ligaments that restict normal movement. The person will have limited range of motion in their body.


How can it be prevented?Range of motion excercise is very important in the prevention of contractures.

Signs/SymptomsThe main symptom is reduced abiltiy to move an area of your body. Depending on the location, a person might have some pain.

How is it diagnosed?Manual testing of the joint motion. Measuring the motion of the joint with a device and x-rays can be of some benefit in the diagnosis.

What is the treatment? Manual- stretching, heat therapy and excercise. Mechanical- The use of continuous motion machines in increase mobility.Casting/Splinting- Used to provide consistent stretch and regular adjustments.Surgery- When nothing else works.

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