Continental Congress

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Continental Congress

John HancockHe was the first to sign the Declaration. He wanted to make it so that King George could read his signature without his glasses. He was a patriot and wanted to help John Adams.

James WilsonHe was always in John Dickinson's shadow. He made the vote to break away from England. He was neutral.

John AdamsJohn Adams had a passion for independence. He was very much a Patriot. He hated all the acts that Parliment had forced upon them. He was very disliked in Congress.

The 2nd Continental Congress

Richard Henry LeeHe proposed independence for John Adams. He was very proud of Virginia. He was a patriot and was glad to be the one to propose independence.

Mama, Look SharpMama, Look Sharp is about the mothers of soldiers having to go into the battlefield and collecting their dead sons.

Sit Down JohnJohn Adams was not liked by very many people in Congress. No one listened to him because he was loud and obnoxious.

Molasses to RumThe South had to be able to have slaves if they were going to vote for the Declaration. Slavery needed to be allowed if they were to vote yes.

SlaverySlavery impacted independence because if the South couldn't have slaves then they wouldn't vote yes because they profited off slaves a lot.

Key PointsThe key points were slavery, the British Army's strength, and the Continental Army's strength.

DifficultyIt was difficult to decide because half of the people were patriots and half were loyalists in Congress. It was very hard to compromise.

Critical ReviewI liked 1776 because it taught me a lot more about the Continental Congress than any history book could have.



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