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Directions: Watch the video on Context Clues, then click on the icon to the right to begin. Be sure to complete the lesson guide.

Direct DefinitionThe definition of the unknown words comes right before or after it!

Punctuation marks, like dashes or commas, often show us clues to the meaning of an unknown word. Key words, such as "or" and "that is" give hints to a word's meaning.Look out for the location of the word too! Sometimes, you can tell it will be a certain part of speech because it comes right after a noun, or before a verb, etc.

3 kinds of context clues


Example: Glaciers, or large rivers of ice, formed all over the earth.

Example: There are many theories, or ideas, about what caused the Ice Age.

Synonym CluesWords around the unknown word that mean the same or nearly the same thing.


Antonym CluesWords around the unknown word that mean the opposite or nearly the opposite as the word

Example: Ms. Marree admonished her students and they knew they were in hot

Example: Joe was reluctant to take the job of captain of the team. He was

afraid that the time it would take would hurt his grades. Jim on

water for their actions. They felt very sorry when she was done.

Example: After seeing the picture of the starving children, we felt compassion

and pity for their suffering.

the other hand, was eager to join and try out for captain.






How to find context clues:

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