Contemporary Theatre

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Contemporary Theatre

OPEN THEATRE* women are starting to get lead roles* theatre companies for blind and deaf people so they can see/hear performances

an example of cross-gender casting

AMBITION by Tony Best is about 3 girls that all want to be the silliest things when they grow up. A fairy grants their wishes, and they end up hating them.

POSTMODERN* lots of randomness and surprises*started cross-gender casting

Contemporary Theatre

By Kimber, Lauren, Forest, Daisy and Andrea

Three Major Movements:

REVIVAL* remountings of plays from the past* brings fresh life to previous written works

A Modern Playhouse!

An excerpt from:AMBITION

FAIRY: Hello, little girl, I am the mystical fairy and I can grant you one wish, any wish you like.AMY: One wish? But Aladdin had three!FAIRY: Aladdin, Shmaladin! Aladdin was a boy; boys are allowed three wishes, little girls only get one.

Trailer of hit movie, Jack and Jill

This era was an introduction to musicals, circuses, etc.


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