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Contact Lenses

byAndrew Cao

Hello, my name is Adolf Fick. I am the inventor of contact lenses. I invented them in 1888

FUNCTIONS There are many different types of contact lenses that have different uses. However, the most common is the corrective contact lenses which are used the fix refractive error. Refractive error is an error of focusing light in the eye. These contacts solve this problem by focusing light so that it enters the eye at the right power in order to see properly. They do this by refracting light from the concave shaped contact lense into the eye at a more powerful level so that the light reaches the retina for vision to be more clear. Another type of corrective contact lense is the toric lense with it`s unique design. It has two focal points at orientations perpendicular to each other. This design causes the the light that gets refracted horizontally to be much stronger and is mainly prescriped to patients with very bad vision. Other types of contact lenses include cosmetic lenses, soft lenses, rigid lenses and many more. Cosmetic lenses are contacts that do not refract light as powerfully as regular lenses most of the time, and are used to change the wearer`s eye colour. Other lenses are created to accomodate patients that have more sensitive eyes.

Previous Technology Eye glasses are the most common ways for people to fix their vision problems. Advantages- Contact lenses are worn on the eye and creates less image distortion.- Entire field of view is more visible. Glasses have poor peripherals. - Contacts do no fog up- Contacts are more favourable with athletes since they allow for more free movement.Disadvantages- Contacts may cause permanent damage to the eye if worn for too long.- It is challenging for some to put on and remove contacts- Contacts can get infected and infect the wearer`s eyes if not cleaned properly.- It is easier to lose contact lenses.

An example of cosmetic contact lenses

How a contact lense works

Contact lense

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