[2015] Shannon O'Connor: Consumerism in The 1920's

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[2015] Shannon O'Connor: Consumerism in The 1920's

• Canadians get into a spending frenzy • Made sacrifices during WWI, now they get to have some fun Cars, radios, movies, jazz clubs, tourism, fashion, etc. • Era of consumerism, leisure, and rebellion


Mass-produced goods became available for the first time, making some industrialists fabulously wealthy, and the automobile was all the rage.

•Pilots testing limits •Planes used to transport supplies to isolated locations


•Cars cheaper, more popular, because of the assembly line (Henry Ford)•Highway construction all over Canada, often connecting Canada and USA


•Silent until late-1920s•Dominated by Hollywood

Consumerism in The 1920's

A New Prosperity

Economic Boom

Shannon O'Connor

•More industrial production.•More goods and services available.•Increased production will result in more employment opportunities.•A variety of goods and services to choose from.•More comforts for a better living style.



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