[2015] Ayesha Sami: Consumerism in the 1920

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[2015] Ayesha Sami: Consumerism in the 1920

Consumerism in the 1920's to Now

Similarities and differences between the roaring twenties and now!

1920's: Back then radio's were expensive now a days they are cheap. Back then and even now human's use credit cards and use the same interest rate to gain profits.Now: As back then at the moment there are no mass produced vehicle's as there were in the 1920's.

1920's: Back then to now Canadian's still use technology as a source of entertainment for pass time. Back then the connected rural areas to cities for the knowledge that would be provided throught them although now it's other sources that provide that info.Now: Now a days a radio's rarely exist and even if such a thing did it would cost a less amount.


1920's: Back then road construction was crucial to the motor vehicle industry; several roads were upgraded to highways, and expressways were constructed.Now: At the moment roads are not being born but rebuilt which is different from back then.

1920's: Back then Canadians lived in cities of 2,500 or more people than in small towns or rural areas.Now: Unlike now all ciitzen's live in urban area's and only farmers or agriculture workers live in rural.

New products/ Technology

History to Now!




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1920's: Back then Canadians women ephasized more on short hair as well as skirts although now it's mor about long hair and denim rather than cloth.Now: Even then and now the overall style as well as curls and not to mention the shirt tucked in is still a well known.


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