[2015] Harjot Arora: Consumerism 1920s vs Today

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[2015] Harjot Arora: Consumerism 1920s vs Today

Consumerism1920s vs Today:

Today-Consumers are more brand-centric-Celebrities, which include athletes, singers, and actors, have become brand ambassadors -Consumers rely more on fashion magazines and blogs-People are becoming increasingly self-confident and are accepting their bodies (e.g. Dove's Beautiful Women campaign)-Plus-size fashion is being promoted by several models and designers in the industry

1920s-Fashion emerged as an important part of life for consumers in the 1920s -Advertisements depicted women in a certain way: docile, beautiful, and wearing popular brands - this was considered socially acceptable - Slimmer bodies became the new standard of beauty; this was reinforced by fashion of the era- Clothing fashion changed in accordance to women's role in society - as women became more independent, they adopted the flapper style; wore limb-exposing dresses, skirts, trousers and short haircuts - Dresses were lighter and made of new and colourful fabrics

Women's Fashion

1920s-Cars became a major source of freedom; greatly altered social patterns (became the center of middle and working class life)-Henry Ford's 'Ford Motor Company' was extremely popular -The Ford Model T emerged as the most popular vehicle because it was cheap and reliable-Introduction of consumer credit and installment paying made it easier to purchase cars-Cars transformed from being a luxury good to being a common household item-Automobile manufacturers targeted women drivers by advertising in women's magazines; made cars more appealing to women-

Today- Greater variety of car manufacturing companies today-Consumers opt to purchase environmentally-friendly cars such as hybrids -Brands such as Tesla, Honda, and Toyota have garnered recognition for their electric vehicles -Cars today have a greater number of safety features (e.g. rear-view camera and GPS systems)-The Toyota Corolla remains one of the most popular cars because of its fuel efficiency and low price

Automobile Industry


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