Constructivism in Spanish Classroom

by SrtaEngland
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Constructivism in Spanish Classroom

Constructivism in Spanish Classroom

Description of Activity:Scaffolded instruction of conjugating verbsIdentification of Domain:Education, K-12 Online ClassroomRepresentation of Theorem:1) Live lesson using learning management system to motivate students on conjugating verbs; 2) Live lesson to answer questions & make lesson real world; 3) Create teams and provide resources; 4) Have students present their projects & assess; 5) Negotiate with students on use of Graphic organizers to show improvement in areas and give extra resources for multiple intelligences; and 6) Assessment includes observations/tests.

-how second languages are learned; -how learners create a new language system with limited exposure to a second language;-why most second language learners do not achieve the same degree of proficiency in a second language as they do in their native language; and-why some learners appear to achieve native-like proficiency in more than one language

What is second language acquisition?

How can constructivism be used to design learning activities in Spanish?1) reports;2) concept maps;3) videos4) partnering for collaborative learning



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