Construction Equipment in the Military (BullDozer Part 1)

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Construction Equipment in the Military (BullDozer Part 1)

Construction Equipment In The Military (BullDozer Part 1)

The Enlistment of the BullDozer

The heavy equipment operator must lube his or her BullDozer and do this with how many hours; he or she has operated the machinery. Air filter needs to be dust free. One joke that was played on a soldier who is not expecting was to drain the air tanks; the BullDozer does not have air tanks. Heavy equipment operator is a mechanic’s helper when the vehicle is in the shop.

The BullDozer has been used to dig tank defilades in conventional war. The tank would hide in a type of tank ditch and fire at the enemy. The heavy equipment operator, built roads and airfields and cleared obstacles. Without the heavy equipment operator many mines and other obstacles would cause the infantry soldier and other advanced troops many problems.

The BullDozer is measuring tool when digging a tank defilades, this engineering skill the BullDozer is used for height and length. The Foxhole for the Tank is suppose to three BullDozer Length and be has tall has the BullDozer. The Cab of the BullDozer is called the ROPP(Roll Over Protective Posture) .

In conclusion the BullDozer needs to actually stay clean and be washed. One way it is washed is with a pressure washer, it needs its tracks dug out first; you do all this to make sure the BullDozer, has not sprung any leaks. The BullDozer is like the human body in that way. The point of this narrative is wars and communities are not just built with Tanks, Aircraft and Ships and Field Artillery; they are built with small BullDozers and its even smaller Heavy Equipment Operator.

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