Constitutional Convention

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Constitutional Convention

South Carolina is a strong and wealthy state, but it is still recovering from the effects of the war and worried about it vulnerability to attacks from both land and sea. Additionally, the state and many members of its planter aristocracy are heavily in debt as a result of the war, and are looking for the relief and stability a national government might bring.

-Only rich Lowcountry people went to Philadelphia.-SC supported deleting the Articles of --Confederation in favor of a stronger governemnt.-SC supported the idea of a three branch government.-SC supported the idea that representation should be based on population (Virginia Plan)-SC supported the Great Compromise-The Great Compromise did cause so stress when it came to counting slaves.-The South loved slavery. The North didn't like slavery anymore, and weren't going to have slavery. -When it came to counting slaves in population the South wanted slaves to be counted. The northern states wanted the opposite.-When it came to counting slaves when taxing the states, the south didn't want slaves to be counted. -The northern states wanted the opposite.-The compromise they came up with to solve this problem was the 3/5 Compromise. Each slave would count as 3/5ths a person. -SC hated the 3/5 Compromise, but eventually went along with it. -SC was for the Commerce Compromise.-Since only the lowcountry elite were at this meeting, they supported the idea that only people who were white males and owned land could vote. -SC wanted a strong President. -SC didn't get everything it wanted, but it was happy enough to send it to SC to be voted on.

Lasting Impact

The Constitution Convention did not want to allow a strong central government. An equal checks and balance would maintain a balance. Many proposals were made to take into consideration small states against large states and the issue of slavery.


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Constitutional Convention - South Carolina

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