Constitutional Convection

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Constitutional Convection

Constitutional Convection

Debate Timeline

Virgina Plan In the Virginia plan the people of the state made a decision to run the goverment a certain way. They proposed to create a strong national goverment. Also the plan was mostly written by James Madsien. They also called for two-house legislature, a chief executive, and a court system but representation in the legistlature would be determined by the population ofeach state. Large states supported this plan; small staes didn't like that thought.

In the more than 200 years since the Constitution was created, America has stretched across an entire continent and its population and economy have expanded more than the document’s framers likely ever could have envisioned. Through all the changes, the Constitution has endured and adapted

First there was the Great Compromise

Next there was the Three-Fifths Compromise

Last there was the Bill the Constitutions

New Jersey In the New Jersey plan the people called for a one-house legislature with a weak executive branch. The New Jersey believed that each state would have one chance to vote. As the plan went on the smaller states love this plan because every state would have an equal chance of voting. the Plan only amended, or improved the articles.


New Jersey




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