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Planets & Astronomy

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Hercules, the Son of Zeus, is best seen in the summer in the Northern Hemisphere. You can find hime by looking between Draco and Ophiuchus. Hercules is visible in the Southern Hemisphere from May until August.

Space Pop Quiz1. How many constellations are there?2. Are the constellations use in this glog zodiac?3. Is the Hydra constellation ancient or modern?Answers1. There are 88 offical constellations2.No, they are non- zodiac.3.Hydra is a modern constellation.

6 Fun Facts*A constellation is a group of stars which form a pattern in the night sky.*There are 88 official constellations.*Throughout the year ,as the earth spins around the sun, you can see different constellations.*constellations rotate in a counter-clockwise directions.*The big dipper is not a constellation but an asterism.*An Asterism is a pattern of stars that are reconized and contained within an offical constellation but is not counted as a constellation.

Draco the Dragon is usually associated with guardian's of the temples and treasures. Draco was important as it was the guardian of the star that never moves, the celestial pole.


Hydra, the Water Snake, is best seen from the Southern Hemisphere, but is visible during the months of January through May in the Northern Hemisphere.Hydra guards the cup of water from Corvus, the Crow, forever denying him, a drink of water.


As the sun goes down for the nightThe stars shimmer giving lightThe stars align to form a patternThat stretch from earth and pastSaturnThey look like people and dragons tooYou will see them without having a clue.Now you may think that stars are boringBut when you start you won’t stop exploring

Exploring the Stars


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