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Daily Life

Constantinople: At the Crossroads of Wealth and Prosperity


ln Constantinople, government and religion were very closely linked. The head of the church was also the empreror. In the religious hierarchy, after the emperor came the patriarch and the bishops. The religious faith here is deeply rooted in beautiful pieces of art and architecture like the magnificent Hagia Sophia and various icons, mosaics, and murals of Jesus and Mary.

The main religion here in Constantinople is the Eastern Orthodox Church. Our religious beliefs can be traced back all the way to the workings of Jesus. Here, we celebrate the Divine Liturgy, a beautiful ceremony where we sing or chant the liturgy in Greek. We also pray to many saints. One saint for example, Saint Cyril, created the Cyrillic alphabet so that way the people from the East could read the Bible.

Government and Religon

Constantinople is an amazing place to live in because of its amazing geography. You will be well protected due to its strategic location. It is surrounded on not one, not two, but on THREE sides by water! Isn't that amazing? As an added precaution, a chain has been fastened across the harbor to protect from unwelcome intruders.

Constantinople has many other great geographical features. For example, did you know that MILES of wall stretch around the city, made stronger by watchtowers and gates! Surely there could be no better protection than this!

What would be a city be without a source to make itself extremely wealthy? Constantinople links trade routes from both the east and the west, making Constantinople the RICHEST city in the Mediterranean region! Can you imagine all of those silks, furs, perfumes, and ivory, all for you? Constantinople was a vast trading hub for all sorts of luxurious goods and is able to reached by both land and water so many traders can come to trade goods.

Constantinople is a great place to live in because of its fearless leaders. After a horrible revolt left Constantinople in ruins, Emperor Justinian I took charge and built many new bridges, roads, and parks. He also built the famed Hagia Sophia. Justinian was also able to take back some land from the Roman Empire. Finally, he also created a systematic body of law which will most likely become the basis for many legal codes. In this body of law he modified and improved certain laws, such as giving women more property rights.

If you decide to move to this splendid city, you will find that daily life is quite comfortable. We have a sewer system, running through the city, one of only a few. We also provide many services such as hospitals, homes for the elderly and orphanages.

A key part of life here in beautiful Constantinople are the daring chariot races between the fierce rivals, the Blues and Greens. These took place at the Hippodrome. They were very exciting and were often very fun to watch.

This beautiful town of Constantinople is home to about one million people. Due to the fact that Constantinople was a thriving trading hub, the twisting streets were often full of donkeys and camels. The harbor was always full of ships and you can always here the sounds of the various langauges of the traders.

Look at that! What a marvelous city!

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