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Constantine the Great was emperor of Rome from 306-337, making him the second longest-serving emperor behind only Caesar Augustus. He not only united the Eastern and Western Roman Empires, but upon founding the capitol at Constantinople, is also credited for founding the Byzantine Empire.But perhaps more importantly, Constantine is responsible for making Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire. No longer were Christians persecuted and they were now free to worship publicly.

Notable Stories

272 - Born306 - Named Emperor312 - Conversion to Christianity324 - Founded Constantinople337 - Death

-Battle of Milvian Bridge: 312 -The night before battle, Constantine dreamt of a cross in the sky; taking this as a sign from God, he had it painted on all of his soldiers' shields and banners-Council of Nicea: 325 -The first major gathering of all Christian bishops, bringing unity and the creation of the Nicene Creed

Lasting Impact

Not only helped to make Christianity legal, but all religions as well.


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