Console Gaming Innovation

by KhyBrown
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Console Gaming Innovation

The Benefits of CompetitionWith each generation of video game consoles comes a new set of major competitors. The top competters for the past 14years has been Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft. Competion between major video game companies has led to an overwhelming need to offer the consumer more than what was previously possible. Each gaming generation has done so by taking a competitor's ideas and slightly innovating it to better fit the needs or wants of the gaming communty.A good example of console inovation is when the Microsoft Xbox introduced the Kinect camera only 2 1/2 years after the Nintendo Wii introduced us to motion controlls.

Console Gaming:How Competition Leads to Innovation

Future of Console GamingEach generation of console gaming offered has gotten even closer to making the gaming experience more fun, immersive, and easier to control. With this in mind, the next generation has already been rumored to allow you to use virtual reality headsets to make you fell like your toatlly in the game. Currently this technology is still in development but has been in talks to become part of the latter half of this generation.Having the gaming market be so competive means that there will always be an even better way for gamers to play their favorite games just around the corner.

A Brief History on Console GamingConsole gaming began in 1951 when Ralph Bear came up with the idea of being abel to play video gameas in your home and on an television. by 1972 the first hole console was born with the help of Magnavox and it was called the Odyssey. It wasent until the 1980's that console gaming cought on when the Atari 2600 hit the market. Though this helped the inderstry, the console gaming was not able to really take off until a Japanese toy company called Nintindo introduced the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) to North America in 1983. Soon afterwards several other compenies thried their hand at making console gaming systems, but Sega proved to be Nintendo's first major competitor.

Current Generation

A little competition can be a good thing in the gaming industry. It can help drive innovation. Video game developers have to evolve in order to keep up their competition and to make sure that their fanbase doesn't get bored.

Gaming Console Timeline



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