Conserving Electricity

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Conserving Electricity

Conserving Electricity

Why is it important to conserve electricity ' natural resources.



Way that we can reduce our use of electricity at home ' at school

What did we do?

we can reduce electricity at school by : turning off the lights when you leave the room , turn off the compurters and smartboards. Also at home turn off the TV when you are done, when you are doing the lanudry remember to wash your clothes after 7pm and before 7am.

It is important to conserve electricity so then we do not waste the natural resources that we have . It will waste electricity if you keep your lights on . If your light are off you will not waste electricity . Also in the future we will need natural resoueces to keep lights on and running.It will also save lot of money.

We have the the Eco club it helps us the conserve electricity. We also have signs around the school to help us remember to conserve electricity.

Identify ways that we conserve resources already here at school?

What happened ' Why?

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