Conquistadors Glog #3

by Zohair
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Conquistadors Glog #3

Why the Conquistadors arrived in the Americas:The Conquistadors came to the Americas and seized the Native American's gold ornaments and then made them pan them for more gold. At the same time, the Spanish tried to force them to convert to Christianity. Fighting Conditions:Conditions were much harder for the Native Americans to fight back against the Spanish Conquistadors because of the technology advancements of the Conquistadors. The Conquistadors had guns and canons which were much more stronger than the Indians' arrows and spears. They also had horses which were faster for war, but they also instilled fear into the Indians because they had never seen horses before. Most importantly, disease and sickness helped the conquistadors take over the Native Americans. Europeans had influenza to which the Native Americans were immune to. These diseases quickly spread throughout villages and killed many peopleRelgion, Government, Money:With the Conquistadors invading the Native American land, they were able to retrieve substantial amounts of money and gold to bring back to Spain. Specific Conquistadors such as Cortez brought plenty of gold back to Spain which gave him permission to embark on more journeys with better ships and larger crews. In addition, Spanish at the same time were trying to force the Native Americans to Christianity.

This video mainly talks about the fall of the Aztecs and the Conquistadors gaining power


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