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Spanish Conquistador

Francisco Pizarro

The motives for the conquistadors were mainly to equally spread the word of god, to bring civilization to the all parts of the world, power, wealth, prestige, and a new empire. The first conquistadors came with a motive to find gold.

The Spanish word Conquistador means conqueror. The Conquistadors were Spanish Soldiers and Explorers.

For the conquistadors, travels were wary and sometimes extremely long. Most were not very noble to their commanders so problems arose many times. Men would only join to gain social stature so men would not necessarily work hard. Travels were long and arduous and many men died from the length. Smallpox was a contributing factor to these deaths. poster yourself

The consequences of this long conquest were obviously death of many as they killed masses. Some were held for ritual killings and tortured. The conquistadors brought some diseases to certain countries which expanded and killed more and more. The good part of this big conquest was the discovery of gold and other products that benefitted other countries greatly over time.

Francisco Cortes

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