ConnorBennett-wrapping Greenland

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ConnorBennett-wrapping Greenland

design briefproblem:the ice is mealting in the watersolution:put reflective materials on the ice.

DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS1. They ues plastic as the reflective materials 2. the plastic absorbs the suns rays and help stop the mealting3. makes more carbonation for manufactureing the plastic4. it costs to much money to make all the plastic

hypothetical testfirst test to see if the plastic works and stays on the ice instead of it flying away. Then test if the plastic will get cut up or withstand the sleat. Now see how much it cost to manufacture all the plastic.

relevanceGlobal warming is important to under stand. If you don't know about global warming you will die. If we did not evolve then we will not be in this place. If we keep using our cars and oil we will die. The ocean will become destroyed and dead. The sea is rising higher because the ice is melting. The suns heat rays are getting trapped in our earth. We have too much carbon in the air. We use to much energy. There is to much transportation in the world.

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