Conner Lassiter Character Analysis

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Conner Lassiter Character Analysis

Conner Lassiter

The protagonist of Neal Shusterman’s young adult novel, Unwind, is Connor Lassiter. Connor is a dynamic character who is a rebellious and head-strong 16 year old boy. These traits are important to have as a lead character because most people have experienced them at one point of their life and could then, relate to Connor. Therefore, readers are able to empathize and grow with the main hero throughout the occurring events in the novel. Being rebellious is a part of growing and tends to occur during your teenage years. Rebelling is a sign for the need for independence, a separate identity, and testing authority. These developmental changes help teens become more analytical as they mature and become adults. This explains Conner’s transformation of being a delinquent who strive to live for the sake of himself into someone who is able to put others before him.

"Small victories are bet­ter than none."

"The fighter in him screams foul, but another side of him, a side that's growing steadily stronger, enjoys this exercise of silent power- and it is power..." (pg 153).

"Let me be the first to welcome you all to the graveyard... Everyone calls me Connner." (pg. 331)

"Connor's motivation was simple: Make them Suffer." (pg. 7)


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