Connecticut Colony

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Connecticut Colony

ConnecticutColonyBy, Chris Kornblum

Economy and JobsThe middle of colonial Connecticut had rich soil because of the Connecticut River. The river attracted many, many farmers throughout the years. Connecticut was also plentiful in wild animals which gave many fur traders jobs. The northwest corner of connecticut was very mountainous and attracted lots of miners. The East had the coast and many forest which attracted sailors, fishermen and shipbuilders. Slavery was not used in Connecticut even though it was a big farming colony. Connecticut simply did not have the space for farming plants. As you can see Connecticut had a wide range of jobs.

GovernmentThomas Hooker created something called the Fundamental Order, which outlined the General Court's(the general court was a government assembly) job, to meet every six months in September and April, and vote on laws, taxes and other things that concerned the community. They would also vote on a governor in April. But only male landowners could participate in the General Court.

FoundingThe colony of connecticut was the first self-governing colony. It was founded by Thomas Hooker in the year of 1636. Hooker originally lived in Massachusetts but he left because he didn’t like the rigid puritan doctrines. He had heard of open land to the south and left with about 100 men and women who also shared his thoughts. Hooker traveled to what would become the Connecticut River. So Hooker founded Hartford on the eastern bank of the Connecticut river with freedom in mind.

TheConnecticut River

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Thomas Hooker

Geography and ClimateConnecticut has a temperate climate. It has warm summers and mild winters. The coast has usually warmer summers and colodre winters. The highest recorded temperature is 106 degrees. The coldest temperature is -32 degrees.Connecticut has a range of landforms. Its highest point is on Bear Mountaini the nothwest and its lowest point is Long Island Sound at 0 feet above sea level.

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