Connecticut Colony

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Connecticut Colony

Thomas Hooker founded Connecticut in 1636. He traveled to the future colony with 100 people who agreed the Puritan laws in Massachusetts Bay Colony were too strict. The people wanted a less powerful government, and so did he. Thus, the Connecticut Colony was born.

The Pequot War

The Pequot Tribe were known for being fierce warriors throughout the land. So when the English started taking Native American land, they didn't hesitate to fight back. Thus the Pequot war broke out. The Pequots were forced from their homes, killed, and later enslaved by the English.

The Connecticut Colony

Thomas Hooker: Founder of Connecticut Colony

Adriaen Block

The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut greatly expanded the idea of representative government. This plan of government enabled more people to vote. As long as you were a 21 year old white male and owned property, you could vote on the colony's governers. The Fundamental Orders also limited the power of the governer by putting a maximum on the number of terms he could serve. Public officials could also be removed. The General Court was able to make/repeal laws, levy taxes, call the General Court into session, and dispose of unclaimed land.

The Fundamental Orders Of Connecticut

Thomas Hooker

Adriaen Block was a Dutch sailor who sailed to the land of Connecticut in hopes of trade between the Dutch and the indians. Block then returned home to Europe and spoke highly of the land.

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