[2015] Dash Christy: Connecticut Colony

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[2015] Dash Christy: Connecticut Colony

Connecticut Colony

Connecticut Colony was founded in 1636 by Thomas Hooker. Thomas Hooker wanted to create a colony with a less powerful government than the one in Massachusetts Bay Colony so he founded Hartford. Hooker's sermons inspired the ideals in the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut. After Hartford the settlements of Windsor and New Haven and Sybrook were founded.

The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut was a very important document in the start of the representative government. It gave supreme power of the colony to the voters, it gave them the ability to make and repeal laws and dispose of unclaimed land. It also limited the governors power.

The Colony of Connecticut was not founded due to an abundance of natural resources. But some of the important resources of Connecticut were the forests and Long Island Sound which provided Connecticut with a somewhat steady income. The Connecticut River Valley was the most prosperous place to build so most of the colonies were found on the Connecticut River or founded on the Long Island Sound. Their were few cash crops grown in Connecticut so they relied mostly on fur and timber sold in England.

The Peqout tribe was the most powerful tribe in Connecticut.They controlled a lot of land and were very influential. They were attacked by the settlers in the night at their fort at Mystic where about 700 members of their tribe were killed. That attack started a series of events that led to distrust and fights between the settlers and Native Americans as well as the settlers taking the Native Americans land.


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