Connected Lesson

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Connected Lesson

ReflectionGoing into the lesson I was very excited. Even though I thought the content was too remedial for my students, I knew I had to teach it and I had to do it well. However, putting the lesson plan into practice was a complete disaster from the second the clock struck noon. There was so much commotion and action happening in the classroom that I felt very anxious and flustered. My classroom door was a revolving door that day for all kinds of disruptions. Even though I handled the craziness with grace, I know that was the worst lesson I have ever taught. However, the disruptions helped me remove my rose-colored glasses. That day I realized that not all students are going to be at school all the time. I realized that I could have the most perfect lesson in the world but the day could still turn out horribly. I realized that I am an incredibly flexible teacher. So even though the Day One lesson wasn't perfect, some good can come out of the worst things.The second day was a little better than the first. I had three students still absent but the other students were fully participating in the lesson and activities. The only hiccup I had during my lesson was when one student decided to throw a fit about something I deem as trivial. Since I was recording the lesson, I recoded a lot of his antics. However, once it started interfering with my teaching and the students were in danger of being hurt, I immediately stopped recording. Once the student was removed from the classroom, I was able to continue my lesson. All the students who were on the carper were engaged fully in the activity. They seemed to really enjoy the hands-on activity and getting to explain their answers. I believe the 'star at the top of the tree' was that each student was praised (Kagan Cheers) by their peers. My students aren't often praised so openly in front of each other so I believe this helped their self-esteem. Every student was listened to and every student was respectful. I don't think the first day lesson was engaging enough for my students. Since they already knew the content, it would have been much more effective if I made the learning more challenging. For instance, instead of drawing something in the room that is a circle, having the students write a complete sentence about a circle in the room would have made it more high order thinking. Also, when the students drew the difference between the shapes, I would have liked the students to trace the outline of shape manipulatives. This change could have been more helpful to students because many of them just kept drawing squares and circles. Having the manipulatives could have made them understand that there are many more shapes that just squares and circles. This inquiry process has made me see how much data teachers collect and how this data can effect student learning. If I didn't do my pre-assessment then I wouldn't have known that the students were far beyond the concept of circles and therefore wouldn't have taken this fifteen minute lesson to a thirty minute lesson and been confused about why the students seemed disinterested. Although data collecting is time consuming and often tedious it is a vital part in being equitable for all students.

Rebecca StoneConnected Lesson

Collected Data


Day One

Day Two

Summative Data

Key Learnings:- Be flexible; not everything is going to go according to plan!- Be prepared; data means a lot when it comes to teaching- Data, Data, Data; collect, analyze, apply



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