Coniferous Forest

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Coniferous Forest

The Lynx Fox is one of the animals that can survive these harsh winters, and short and cool summers.

Average Precipitation-The average precipitation/rainfall in the Coniferous forest is 14 to 29.5 inches.

Coninferous Forest

By: Amani and Chelsay

Coniferous trees can live in short and cool summers and long and harsh winters.

The winters here can be so harsh. Only certin animals are able to survive here.

Average Tempurature Range- The average tempurature range in the Coniferous Forest is 40 to -68 degrees fharenthit.

Fun Fact-The largest Coniferous Forest is in Alaska.

Soil Characteristics- The Coninferous Forest has dry, sandy and acidic soils.

Animals/ Adaptive Survival Features-Some animals that can stand these cold andharsh winters are the Antartic Fox,Antartic Hare, and the Bald Eagle.-The Canada Lynxs has wide paws that helps it survive in the harsh winters.-Many animals here hibernate.


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