[2014] Dek1313: Congress project

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[2014] Dek1313: Congress project

The first continental congress desussed the working stiuation and debate plan action. They meet on October 26, 1774. They boycotted british goods. They called each state to make armies. Stated intolerable acts weren't right. The 2nd continental congress wrote the Declaration of independece. They began to crate a form of government. Movement toward independence was gaining support. They established a continental army. They had a coordinated war effert.

The declaration of independence

1st and 2nd Continental Congress

Two major acts angered the colonists, The Albany project and The Stamp Act. The Albany project was a plan brought up by Benjamin Franklin. He created annual congress of delegates from each of the 13 colonies. What he created was ahead of his time.The stamp act was the british raised the import taxes for the colonies and the colonist broke into the boston party and dumped all the tea into the habor

The Coming of the Independence

Acts that angered the colonists

There goal was to declar independence. In it, they listed grievances against the king. They secced from the british. It gave the right to life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness. It was supossed to be by the people, for the people.


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