Congress In Action!

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Congress In Action!

To Become a Congressman: At least 25 years old. Citizen of the U.S. for 7 years Live in the state representedFor Senate: At least 30 years old Citizen for at least 9 years & in state represented

Indiana in Office!

House of Representatives is based on the population size of a state with 435 available seats.The Senate allows two senators per state. This equals 100 state senators and 435 House of Representative members.

Senators: Sen. Daniel Coats Sen. Joe DonnellyHouse of Representatives: 1st: Peter Visclosky2nd: Jackie Walorski3rd: Marlin Stutzman4th: Todd Rokita5th: Susan Brooks6th: Luke Messer7th: Andre Carson8th: Larry Buschon9th: Todd Young

Term Lengths

The House of Representatives term is 6 years, while Senate's term is 2 years.

Important Past Legislatures

1. Brown v. Board of Education: This marked the end of segregation. 2. Militia Act of 1862: This act allowed African Americans to participate in the military3. Civil Rights Act of 19644. Voting Rights Act of 1965

Congress In Action


Senators & House of Representatives

Famous Congressman

The Speaker is John Boehner.

Abraham Lincoln served only 1 term.John Adams was the only president to finish his presidency term, then serve in House of Representatives for 15 years.Henry Clay was elected Speaker of the House his first day. Lyndon B. Johnson went from congressman of central Texas, then senator, then the Senate majority leader.


Senator: $193,400House: $193,400Speaker of the House: $223,500




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