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Congress in Action

Congress in ActionJessica Hornback

Requirements to become a CongressmanHouse: at least 25 years old, must be a US citizen for at least 7 yearsSenate: at least 30 years old, must be a US citizen for a least 9 yearsBoth: must live in the state wishing to represent

Indiana Representatives:2 Democrat: Peter Visclosky & Andre Carson9 Republicans:Todd Young, Luke Messer, Susan Brooks, etc.

Famous CongressmenJeannette Rankin: 1st woman ever elected to CongressJoseph Hayne Rainey:1st African American to serve in the House of Representatives & to be directly elected to Congress

Indiana Senators:Daniel Coats (R) & Joe Donnelly (D)

Famous Legislation Passed by CongressCivil Rights Act of 1964: prohibited employers from discriminating based on race, sex, age, religion, or national originVoting Rights Act of 1965: helped enforce the 15th Amendment by preventing racial discrimination in votingPure Food and Drug Act (1906): prevented the manufacture, sale, or transportation of misbranded or poisonous foods, drugs, medicines, or liquors. It was the first of multiple consumer protection laws that would follow.

How are states represented in the House of Representatives & the Senate?House: It is based on a state's population w/ every state guaranteed at least 1 seat. If the census shows a large population (ex: Texas), the state receives more representatives. If a state has a small population, they recieve a smaller # of reps.Senate: Each state gets 2 representatives despite the size or the population of the state.

States with few representatives (MT & VT)

Current Salaries of Senators and RepresentativesBoth careers have the same salary of $174,0000 per year. However, leaders of both houses are paid more. Majority & minority leaders of the Senate and House are paid $193,4000 per year and the Speaker of the House is paid $223,500 per year.

Total Number of Representatives for the country: 435Total Number of Senators for the country: 100 (2 from each state)

Term LengthsSenators: 6 years w/ elections staggered so that every 2 yrs, only about 1/3 of the Senate is up for re-election (prevents major changes in membership due from one election)Reps: 2 years

States with many representatives (CA & TX)


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