Congrent and Similarity

by SuperMario
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Congrent and Similarity

Real Life SituationImagine you are a designer making an hourglass. You have drawn your sketch plan(shown below). Afterwards,you started designing it. You then measured the hourglass again. After measuring,you noticed that it is out of proportion. You have to rebuilt it. The stand should be 3 1/3 cm instead of 4cm. This is one of the major way to apply this to real life

Congrent figures have similar shape and size

Similar figures have similar shape but usually have different size

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Sketches can have any scale,as long as it is proportional.

Ooo!All the figures and shapes!They are important in our daily life.We will use them.If we are planning to build a buiding,we must build it in the right proportion in order for it to be built correctly.If the sketch has a scale,we must follow it.If a sketch shows a building with 5cm and the scale is 1:1000,we must build thbuilding 50 metres tall. Or else,it would get out of proportion and it may even,worse comes to worse,collapse



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