Congestive Heart Failure

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Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive Heart Failure

Definition: The heart has lost the ability to pump blood as well as it once did so it backs up and fluid gets into the lungs.

Symptoms-Shortness of breathe-Fatigue and weakness-Swelling in legs,anckles, ' feet-Irregular heart beat-Reduced ability to exercise-Increased need to use the bathroom at night-Swelling in abdomen-Sudden weight gain-Lack of appetite-Chest pain-Difficulty concentrating

Causes-Develops if other condictions damaged to weakened the heart-Weakened heart muscles-Dilated ventricles-Heart can't keep up with normal demands

Preventions-Not smoking-Staying active-Eating healthy foods-Maintaining a health weight-Reducing and managing stress-Controlling blood pressure, high cholestrol and diabetes

Treatments-Medications -Digonxin(Lanoxin) -Diuretics -Inotropes-Surgery/Medical Devices -Coronary Bypass -Heart valve repair -Implantable cardioverter-defibrillators

This chronic disease can affect your lungs, heart, and blood vessles.Anyone can to affected by heart failure but you have a higher risk if you smoke or have diabetes.

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Congestive heart failure can't get any worse.

Rinda Figielski


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