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Social Studies
Religious Studies

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Confucianism is a system of moral, political, and religious teaching by Confucius. Confucianism is a religion whose worship is centered in offerings to the dead. The notion of duty is extended beyond the boundaries of morals and embraces the details of daily life.

Confucius: The Analects

The Master said: “To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous.”

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

Confucianism is a phylosophy based on the teachings of confucius. Confucianism has a complex system of moral, social, political, and religious notion. It had a large influence on ancient chinese civilization, but there is still discusion on whether or not it should be considered a religion.

I Ching or classic of change or book of changes earliest of classics ; shows metaphysical visionClassic of peotryearliest anthology of chinese poemsBook of documentsspeeches of major figures and records of major eventsBook Of Ritesdescribes social forms, administration, and cerimonial rights of the Zhou DynastySpring and autumn annalsrecordings of the Spring and Autumn Period 771-476 bc

The first confucian classics and the confucian vision

Themes in Confucian thought humanismrenetiquetteloyaltyfilial pietyrelationshipsthe gentle manrectification of names

the five cardinal relations: 1. sovereign - subject2. father-son3. elder- younger brother4. husband- wife5. friend- friend



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