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Who was responsiblefor developing the belief system, and when was it developed?Confucius is the familiar founder of Confucianism. Confucianism means the creation of Christians in Europe who entered China in about 1860 CE and was originally used to name their idea of the non-Christian religions they came across in China.


What are the main ideas and practices of the beliefsystem?One of the practices of Confucianism was a temple and ancestor worship. Basically, Confucianism includes the right behavior in the family and society. Confucius highlighted the importance of the social hierarchy, respect, and role-based reciprocity in interpersonal relations.

Where are these ideas and practices written and recorded? Analects were where Confucius recorded all the beliefs of Confucianism. The Analects has been one of the most influential books in all human history, studied and revered as much in other Asian civilizations as in China itself.

What impact did the belief system have on ancient China?Confucianism impacted Ancient Chinese in many ways and for a big part of Ancient Chinese history. Confucianism brought a stability into a country which had been effected in many ways from earlier changes in the dynasty's.  Ancient China also shows it was appreciated due to it being kept in practice till the end of the Ancient Chinese era and beyond.


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