Conformity and the Bystander Effect

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Conformity and the Bystander Effect

Conformity is when a group or individual influences your behavior to be or look like them. It sometimes erases creativity and independence. It makes people do things they think wrong just to fit in. Most of the time it is done by a group but it also may be done by someone in authority. It sometimes may be good like helping nature from polution or it may be bad like the holocaust when most of the soldiers knew they were doing something inhuman and they did nothing because someone in authority told them to.

Bystander effect

March 22, 1998 - Larry Frostaid Posted on a online chat were 200 people were online, that he has set his house on fire and killed his daughter. Only 3 people called authorities.June 16, 2008 - Axel CasianOn a public scene were family and friends gathered. Sergio Aguilar stomped his two year old kid, Axel Casian, to death. no one did anything until the fire chief's fiance called 911.June 2008 - Esmin Green, Kings County Hospital49-year-old Esmin Green collapsed in the waiting room of Kings County Hospital Center in Brooklyn after waiting nearly 24 hours for treatment. She was ignored by other people present in the room and two security guards. She was helped after an hour passed but died. The hospital staff falsified their records to minimize the time she had lain on the floor unaided. Kings County Hospital had been previously cited for unsanitary conditions and patient neglect.1950's - TV encouraged americans to eat wear and use the same things1960's - People started questioning war and became non-conformist who were actually conformist but in another group1970's- Fashion from the last decades created disco and new fasion which continued influencing people.1980's- Mixture of new and old ideas regarding conformityBystander Conformity

The Bystander effect is when people see something happening and they dont act because they think someone else will do it. The more people present the less likely you are to act.


Conformity impacts society with the socialization theory because the theory states that"groups in society act based on social norms & how they are taught by agents of socialization...-dominant groups pressureindividuals to conform" (Theriault)That means that conformity is the theory of socialisation beacuse it says that groups make people conform or else they're excluded that impacts society by making people do things they think wrong sometimes with horrible consequences.The Bystander Effect impacts society by making us ignorant to the world around us thinking that someone would do something and then ask ourselves why people don't act and then you realise you are "people".(Ms. Theriault classroom)Conformity Bystander effect


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Conformity, BystanderEffect and Social Norms


Shocking Cases


By: Daniel V

Social NormsSocial norms are the rules of behavior that are considered acceptable in a group or society. They influence what you do, think or who you talk to (Behavior). Some examples may be as simple as taking showers. Social Norms are very tied up with conformity because its fundamentally the same but in diferent scenarios for example conformity applies when an individual is influenced by a group or person and social norms acts when society influences your behavior. In conclusion you could say that Social norms are part of conformity.

Causes and SolutionsCauses: Social Pressure, Safety, Triyng to fit in because you fear of being excluded. They think someone else will help because they never think it could be themselves the one who helps.Solutions:Stand up against conformity and it will drop by 80%. Your voice can make a diference and change the outcome of others decisions. Act and others will join because they will gain conciousness of the situation and follow you. This means that the bystander effect is part of conformity.Raise awereness of whats happening and that way everyone will know the truth and have the opportunity to change. Also you will be gaining conciousness of whats happening if you raise awereness.--------------------------------Conformity Bystander effectConformity and Bystander effect


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